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I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you, and your staff for helping my family in a time of need.


James |  via Guest Survey Form (reviewed June 2016)

We passed through Sacramento recently…we had been gone from home for about 2 weeks, and were somewhat excited to get home. My son left his stuffed animals behind in the room, only realizing it once we arrived home some 750 miles away from your hotel.

These are not just stuffed animals to my son, they are his family. He’s had the horse since he was just a baby, and one of the bears was in fact mine from my childhood making it a good 45 years old! That particular bear has been loved by all 3 of my children. When my son misplaced those animals, it was like losing a member of his family. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but it was a rough night last night, as my wife, my son and I did not sleep very well. My wife and I were worried for him, more than the stuffed animals. We feared the worst.

Luckily, your maid Winne was kind enough to give them to the head of housekeeping, Christina, for safeguarding. She easily could have overlooked them, or thrown them away. I can only picture myself driving back down to dumpster dive for his friends.

I also would like to thank Xa for fielding my phone calls and concerns; for sending my wife a picture with his friends which eased my son’s worries; and lastly for mailing these beloved stuffed animals back to our family.

Thank you again, to you and your staff. You’ve earned my business, and I’ll be sure to return and will post about how well you treated my family on Tripadvisor.



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